Microsoft 365

The Productivity Cloud for a Simple and Effective Workday

We assist you with guidance and implementation when you're ready to transition to M365, and we're with you throughout the journey to ensure you can take secure and steady steps as you make use of more and more features.

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Microsoft 365

The Platform for a Modern Workplace

With Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, you can enhance the security of your company, reduce costs, and empower employees to work from wherever they are. The platform includes a wealth of features and services that can boost productivity within an organization, while also providing control over compliance and security in the environment.


365 in four steps

From the ground to the Cloud with 365

Using the cloud to build a robust business that can quickly develop and adapt its services.

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Strategy and Planning

Our advisors and architects assist you with strategy and planning matters to ensure that you maximize the benefits of the Microsoft 365 licensing level you have.

We regularly conduct various types of Accelerated Workshops focusing on Compliance, Security, Endpoint Management, and more. In these workshops, you gain insight into the platform's full potential to inspire you on how to strengthen your operations and simplify your workdays.

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Migration & transformation

We regularly execute various types of migrations, and we can serve as your expert resource in projects you wish to drive yourselves, or we can take full responsibility for planning and execution.

Examples of migration projects:

  • Migration from on-premises Exchange to Exchange Online
  • Migration and transfer of file servers to SharePoint Online
  • Migration to Teams
  • Transition from SCCM to Intune & Autopilot

In these projects, we also provide support with policies and training on how your organization should utilize the new tools and features.

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Governance & management

With our governance services, we assist you in maintaining a secure and cost-effective M365 environment while facilitating your users' productivity at work.

  • CloudOps 365 - a governance service for your M365 environment Managed
  • Workplace - we secure and standardize your devices using tools like Intune and Defender for Endpoints.
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Development & innovation

New features and services are continuously being introduced within the M365 platform, and we assist you in finding the right strategy to roll them out to your organization in a controlled manner.

The power and simplicity, for instance, of utilizing Power Platform's capabilities to automate and digitize your business processes can now be achieved in a fraction of the time traditional development projects usually take.

Here are some examples of how we help our clients move forward to enhance productivity and collaboration with M365:

  • Teams adoption, policies, and training on how to use Teams effectively
  • PowerApps development for departments such as HR that need to improve on/offboarding processes
  • Development of SharePoint and Viva sites to strengthen internal collaboration and communication

CloudOps 365

Automated Operations Service - Customized for Your Microsoft 365 Environment

With CloudOps 365, we conduct ongoing analyses of your 365 installation and provide you with continuous information about the security status of your 365 environment. The goal is to consistently assist you in cost management, advise on your update handling, and offer recommendations for various types of actions.


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Managed Workplace

We Secure Your Devices

We utilize Microsoft Intune for the management of your various devices and applications. Delivery of new devices is done directly to your users, who, after initial login, are automatically customized upon connection to the cloud with Microsoft's Autopilot service.

Within this service, your devices are continuously updated for both security and the necessary applications.

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