Our SOC team monitors and responds to security threats against your business, helping you strengthen and enhance your cybersecurity defenses over time.

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CloudOps Security

We monitor everything...

When we onboard you to our CloudOps Security service, we establish a digital cybersecurity defense in your environment. You immediately gain access to detection rules and automated actions that we have developed over several years.

Build a Strong Cyber Defense

Harnessing the Cloud's Potential to Secure Your Data and Operations

The cloud provides a superior opportunity to enhance protection in your environment and establish surveillance over your network and systems.

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Analysis and Planning

We conduct security assessments of your current IT environment – both on-premises and in the cloud – to identify vulnerabilities that need to be addressed to prevent potential breaches or data theft. In a workshop format, we guide you through configuring your M365 and Azure environment to maximize security, and we also help secure your on-premises infrastructure.

Here are some examples of how we assist our clients in this phase towards increased security:

  • A security assessment based on NIST CSF, evaluating your current security level
  • Security workshops focusing on M365 environments, Microsoft Defender, and
  • Microsoft Sentinel (SIEM and SOAR systems)
  • Automated inventory of your 365 tenant and AAD, compared with Microsoft's best practices to identify vulnerabilities
  • Analysis of your existing SOC provider to ensure you have adequate protection
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Pilot & Action

Monitoring your IT environment against security breaches is essential today. We set up Microsoft Sentinel in your Azure environment to collect and analyze security logs from your entire IT environment – on-premises and in the cloud – providing an overview of threats and intrusion attempts. During a pilot project, we demonstrate how to configure and build automations to maintain high security. The entry point to get started is low, but the value is significant.

We also assist our clients with, for example, the following:

  • Implementing Defender for Endpoints, Server, SQL, etc.
  • Implementing security features in M365 E5
  • Advisory services on establishing your own security practices
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Governance & management

Our SOC service, CloudOps Security, entails providing your IT environment with 24/7 security monitoring and responding to incoming security incidents. Each month, you receive a review of the security alerts that have been received and how they have been handled. We also suggest improvements that need to be made in your environment to ensure the protection required against today's threat landscape.

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Development & innovation

Your IT environment is constantly changing and evolving, and new threat landscapes emerge consistently as well. We work closely with you to proactively prevent threats. With frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK, we establish automated responses in your Sentinel environment against known threats. We perform threat hunting in your environment if we suspect an intrusion may have occurred and drive your security efforts according to agreed-upon annual plans.


CloudOps Security

AI-Based Security Monitoring

CloudOps Security is a highly automated security monitoring service designed to detect intrusions and security threats in your IT environment. When a suspicious incident occurs, the service triggers automatic defense mechanisms through what are known as playbooks. Actions like blocking an account, shutting down an IP address, and escalating the situation to the relevant person in your company are some examples of what can be done.


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