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Azure is a platform that is in constantly changing and improving, and our job is to ensure that you can take full advantage of the cloud's potential!

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The Cloud far surpasses on-premise infrastructure and technology.

Technological advancements in the cloud are progressing incredibly rapidly, and almost daily, new features emerge that make your operations safer, more cost-effective and provide you with the opportunity to become more competitive in your market.

Our certified consultants assist you regardless of the stage of your cloud journey or if you are facing an important project and require expertise.

Azure in Four Steps

From the ground to the cloud with Azure

For three consecutive years, Asurgent has been recognized by Microsoft as one of the top providers in the Azure field in Sweden. Our breadth of expertise and experience in various Azure projects is simply unmatched.

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Strategy and planning

We understand that the transition of an IT environment from on-premises to the cloud involves a series of changes for you as the procurer and purchaser of IT services.

Whether you're facing the task of moving systems to the cloud for the first time or it's time to migrate more systems, we assist you with decision making and project planning.

We have experience from over 100 different feasibility studies where we have assessed the technical prerequisites, documented the driving forces of the operations, calculated the cost of cloud migration and cloud operation, including the project plan for how a migration should proceed according to best practices.

Our advisors also conduct compliance workshops where we explain the implications of various regulations and laws, and how you can carry out your risk analysis to find the right solution for your needs.

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Migration and transformation

Once the migration is planned and decided, our project managers take over the responsibility to execute and navigate your move to the cloud. All the way from ground-level planning to a secure landing in the cloud, whether it involves moving a single system or the entire IT environment. Our cloud architects and cloud consultants handle all the technical work – in collaboration with your staff or other vendors.

All projects are rooted in our own experiences, combined with the best practice model from the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and Well-Architected Framework.

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Governance & management

Our governance and management are based on the constantly evolving Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, which serves as a best practice for effectively managing, maintaining, and monitoring an Azure environment.

In our governance, we rely on five disciplines and areas:

  • Cost Management
  • Security
  • Standardization
  • Identities
  • Automation and Deployment

For monitoring and management, we utilize the most advanced service on the market - CloudOps Azure!

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Development & innovation

We enhance your Azure environment to enable you to leverage cloud automation, security, and most importantly, all of its platform services and applications that provide you with maximum value.

Under the heading of development and innovation, we assist our clients with, for example:

  • DevOps and automation with Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • App modernization when migrating applications from the infrastructure layer (IaaS) to the service layer (PaaS)
  • Containers and management with AKS/Kubernetes
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CloudOps Azure

A SaaS for 24/7 monitoring of your Azure cloud environment

CloudOps Azure monitors your cloud environment around the clock to detect any disruptions or performance issues.

With the Auto Repair feature, actions are taken automatically, and if an alert arises that CloudOps isn't programmed to handle, the system escalates directly to our Cloud Operations organization with our experts.

We are available around the clock or during the specific hours you require assistance.

Testing the service is easy - onboarding is free and takes less than 10 minutes!

The business model can be summarized in three points:

  1. Onboarding for free
  2. Stay as long as you like
  3. Pay as you go

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