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Satisfied Employees Create Satisfied Customers

Asurgent is built on values with a focus on creating the best workplace in the industry. Our focus is on developing industry-leading expertise and services in Security and Microsoft's suite of cloud solutions.

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Experts in Cloud and Security

Always aiming upwards, forwards!

The name Asurgent derives from the Latin language, meaning acceleration Upwards, Forwards! When the company was founded in 2016, it was based on the extensive experience of our founders in the outsourcing and consulting industry. They knew it was time to challenge the patchwork of digital solutions on the ground and elevate customers' IT to the intelligent and secure services of the cloud.

With strong growth since inception, we now have 80 employees and a robust partnership with Microsoft. We've migrated numerous companies from on-premises to the cloud. We assist our clients in their ongoing digital transformation by modernizing their IT environments to unlock the full potential of the cloud and enhance their cybersecurity posture.



A Unified Team

We take pride in enhancing and simplifying the daily lives of our customers.

Asurgent was founded in late 2016 with the goal of challenging the traditional way the industry had been working with on-premises IT and security for over 30 years. We chose to focus all our efforts on migrating our clients from on-premises to the cloud, moving away from the patchwork of digital solutions to the cloud's modern services. This transition allows us to harness the potential of the cloud for innovation, business development, and transformation.

We aren't a traditional IT consulting firm; we invest in our service development to also deliver managed services within Azure, 365, and cybersecurity.

Our goal is to provide the most modern and flexible services available in the market within our product family - Asurgent CloudOps.

Our focus has led Asurgent to be recognized by Microsoft as one of the top providers in the Azure domain in Sweden for three consecutive years. Our breadth of expertise and experience in various Azure projects is unmatched!

One of our guiding principles is to "Deliver Perceived Value," and we are incredibly proud of our position as a Top Supplier in Sweden in Radar's annual Customer Satisfaction survey!

We secure the cloud for 80+ customers!

Our values

The best workplace in the business

We succeed when we succeed together.

No one knows everything, and building a company is a team effort. We value collaboration, sharing knowledge, and assisting each other to succeed together!

Who before What

Having a clear goal and staffing an organization or project with the right people can lead to solving any task.

Upwards! Forward!

We always have the ambition to improve as individuals and as an organization. We should always be in motion upwards, forwards. And we should literally help our customers move upwards, forwards!

If we are to succeed externally, we must first succeed internally.

The single most important value for us. Everything starts from within with satisfied colleagues. Therefore, our priority is to create the industry's best workplace.

Deliver perceived value

Ensuring that we deliver perceived value requires us to be attentive and understand our customers' needs and situations.

Wisdom & Folly

We spend a lot of time working, and we are professionals in what we do. And we should have fun along the way!

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For those who want to work with the industry's most skilled cloud consultants

We have gathered some of the industry's most skilled cloud consultants and positioned ourselves as challengers to the traditional operations and security companies.

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We have gathered some of the industry's most skilled cloud consultants and positioned ourselves as challengers to the traditional operations and security companies.

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