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Microsoft partner for Cloud Services and Cyber Security

With industry leading expertise and services within Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and cyber security, we help you reach the clouds full potential.

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Stephan Andersson, VD på Asurgent.

We secure the cloud for over 80 companies!

From the ground, to the cloud. And beyond.

Expertise within Microsoft Cloud in combination with Cyber Security

We are proud to be among the top companies in Sweden when it comes to expertise within Microsofts Cloud Services. We have been awarded Microsoft Partner of the Year three times and have conducted a large amount Cloud Migrations. We help several of Swedens largest companies and public services and are often hired as advisors.

We have been named one of the top suppliers in delivering customer satisfaction and we always strive to surpass our customers expectations. With our broad knowledge and experience, we are ready to help your company take their next step towards a more effective, secure and successful IT environment. 

Microsoft 365
Information Security


From the ground to the cloud with Azure

We have done more than 100 pre-studies of on-premise environments and helped our customers securely migrate their environment to the clouds infrastructure and services to give them access to the clouds superior technology, development, economy and security. Wherever you are on your cloud journey, we are happy to help you reach your next step!

  1. Strategy and planning
  2. Migration and transformation
  3. Surveillance and management
  4. Development and innovation

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Microsoft 365

The productivity cloud in your daily work

With Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams you can improve the security in your company, reduce costs and give your coworkers the possibility to work from anywhere

  1. Strategy and planning
  2. Migration and transformation
  3. Management and governance
  4. Development and innovation

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Security in the Cloud

Moving your data to the cloud is a first important step for increasing security as you out-of-the-box get a security level that few can afford or have the competence to build and maintain themselves.

  1. Security Assessment
  2. SIEM with Sentinel
  3. CloudOps Security
  4. Development & innovation

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Information security & compliance

Protect your data!

Having processes and systems in place to identify, classify and protect your business data can be crucial for a companies survival. We help you formulate and implement the right solution for your business. 

Regulations and laws dealing with Compliance and Privacy can be hard to interpret and understand. Contact our advisors and we can help you!

  1. Assessment
  2. Implementation
  3. CloudOps Security
  4. Development & revision

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Our managed services

CloudOps Azure/365/Security

CloudOps is a product family of managed services that offer 24/7 surveillance and suport for your Azure and Microsoft 365 environments.

Our SOC monitor and handle security incidents and if needed our CSIRT team will jump in 24/7 if you are under attack!

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We migrate your IT from the ground to Azure so that you can benefit from the clouds intelligent services. Azure is the platform that enable a stable and scaleable infrastructure, a secure IT environment and further development which ensures that you can effectively build a strong business. 

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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 hardly needs an introduction, but it is evolving rapidly with new features for increased security, productivity, and to facilitate everyday work tasks at the workplace. Our Modern Work team helps you take advantage of all the possibilities the platform offers.

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Cyber Security

Having a secure IT environment is a necessity nowadays, and most times, the cloud is much safer than on-premises solutions. We assist you in implementing, analyzing, and utilizing the right services to enhance security in Azure and M365.
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About us

We help our customers on their full potential Cloud journey

Our history

Asurgent was founded in 2016 with the conviction that the market needed a company with a focus and expertise in cloud services to help businesses break free from the patchwork of on-premises digital solutions.

Our culture

A successful service company is built from the inside out, and with that understanding, we have a focus on being the best workplace in the industry! We invest in our social activities and our own development because the combination of wisdom and boldness creates the culture we desire!

Our focus

We are a cloud-only company, meaning we do not work with on-premises environments except when they are affected by security attacks or when we are tasked with inventorying them before a cloud migration. This means that our consultants have hands-on experience from a large number of projects and deliveries in the digital realm.

Our promise

When we started the company, we set the motto "Appetite for disruption" to always drive innovation and challenge the industry's traditional solutions and business models.

Some of our awards through the years.


Secure your IT in the Cloud today

Regardless of where you are on your security or cloud journey, we can help you take the next step. With some of the industry's most skilled consultants, you will receive the support you need!

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