Working with us

We are convinced that success lies in being a really good workplace. Our first priority is therefore to succeed internally - to be able to succeed externally. 


Our company creates its value through delivering a demonstrable value to our customers. We see ourselves as a professional team where everyone has an important position and role to play and where everyone works for the team before themself. 


We meet regularly on monthly meetings, Cloud Evolution Days, Evolution Weekends and other team activities to keep the team together.

What we expect from you

We are looking for people with the right background and an ambitious attitude that can develop and grow with us. 


Each role with us has a clear requirement picture of what level of competence is expected. You may not have all the skills when you start, but together we put the competence plan that we follow up on a quarterly basis. You will be challenged to always be on the way up, forward. 

You have solid knowledge and digital dirt under your nails after your years of moving and transforming IT to the best digital platforms in the public clouds.

And you probably follow everything written about the development of the clouds and test all new services yourself.