We are looking for someone who is driven by the further development of our CloudOps system - which challenges a global industry. Or you want to build new applications in the cloud on behalf of our customers. We are looking for you who have formal education and / or are self-taught from the boy or girl room, Dreamhack and probably spent hours in various hackathons. Or why not a combo of everything and who also has experiences from the reality's digital trenches with real customers, assignments and deadlines?

You will be able to choose whether you want to work within our internal developer team and be involved in the development of CloudOps Engine, which is a cloud service for operating the cloud - in the cloud. Or if you want to build and manage applications on behalf of our customers.

We are looking for you whom

  • Are front-end developer and have experience of for example React, javascript

  • Is a backend developer who works in C # / .NET environments

  • Is used to working agile

  • Has developed applications in the cloud and used the cloud services to create solutions that give the business concrete benefits

Here's how a regular day can look like

  • You start the day with a quick morning meeting with the developer team before you start and work with the tasks that lie in the sprint.

  • You will find the solution yourself or discuss with your colleagues to find out how to solve the tasks

  • Or you are part of the customer's development team and develop applications that solve tomorrow's problems

  • You present and showcase news and lessons about cloud services for colleagues on our internal Cloud Evolution Fridays or Cloud Evolution Weekends. Otherwise you are of course listening to other colleagues' wisdom.

  • You contribute to the company's development by participating in internal discussions on the further development of our services

  • You mingle at our monthly meetings, AW's and other meetings with colleagues and contribute to a nice atmosphere!

Is this you? Get in touch with us!