Cloud TakeOff & Workshops

Strategic advice on how the cloud can give you benefits and a concrete value in the business. A TakeOff report gives you answers to where you should start the transformation, how you should develop your own competence and organization and all the financial decision-making documents.  We also formulate a cloud strategy in cooperation with your organization that you can live by in the coming years.

A TakeOff can look different depending on your own competence and how far you have come in your cloud journey, but we always appoint an advisor and a cloud architect for these assignments. Our advisors have at least 15 years of industry experience and work in the borderland between IT and business. Together with our cloud architects, they create a TakeOff report adapted for your particular business.


We have developed TakeOff reports for companies both in the public and the private sector. In each assignment we cover the legal requirements that exists and the industry-specific requirements that exist for your business.


We also have 12 different subject-specific workshops. The workshops are designed as half days but can be adapted according to your wishes;


  1. What is the cloud and what is it not?

  2. What is the difference between IaaS, PaaS, SaaS?

  3. How to build a cloud strategy

  4. DC migration to public clouds

  5. Quality Assessment of Environment in Azure / AWS

  6. Cloud security, things to think about

  7. Cloud management, what is needed?

  8. Proactivity vs. Innovation in the Cloud

  9. Cost control with analysis of the cloud environment

  10. Analysis of data with Power BI

  11. Review of features in Microsoft 365

  12. Rollout plan & features in Microsoft 365