Project Manager

We are looking for project managers who know that the old school mantra about delivering "the right quality, at the right time at the right cost" is still the basis for successful project management. You will lead different types of IT projects with the aim of moving up ground-based IT to the cloud or to expand and develop existing cloud environments. You can also act as a host at some of the larger companies and keep a portfolio of different IT projects together.



We are looking for you whom


  • Is a leadership profile and the people your work with respects you because you always deliver and keep what you promise

  • Have a good knowledge of cloud services and how they can create concrete business benefits in a business

  • Is a good communicator and can formulate inspiring visions and goals for your team. You can drive change through the digital patchwork's complexity and organizational inertia.

  • Has experience of project management within IT and accustomed to working with project management models to create order and order

  • Understand that an IT project is the same as a business project and that internal communication is the foundation for success

  • Is technically skilled, but can quickly and easily switch between talking technology with techies and finances with economists



Here's how a regular day can be like


  • You hold project meetings with your team and ensure that everyone has the same current situation and goal picture and that the project does progress

  • Report to the steering group on the project's progress and do not hesitate to communicate openly about any threats or risks on the horizon because you know that common insight about the current situation is required to reach the final destination

  • You hold one of our workshops together with one of our architects and increase the customer's understanding of how they can best use the cloud's range to solve their business needs

  • You present and present news and lessons about cloud services for our customers at our external seminars

  • You contribute to the company's development by participating in internal discussions on the further development of our services



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