Our history

Asurgent is a fast growing company founded in late 2016 by Stephan Andersson and Ulf Engerby, both with a long history in the IT industry and in IT outsourcing in particular.


Asurgent has taken a unique position in the market and challenges the traditional operating companies with a business model and technology that fundamentally changes IT outsourcing and IT operations.

Our business idea

We move our customers' IT from ground to cloud and deliver automated cloud operations to enable their innovation!

When we started Asurgent in November 2016, the aim was to help companies get away from the ground's digital patchwork to access the intelligence, flexibility and power of the cloud.

We launched the CloudSourcing concept in early 2017, which covers all parts a company needs for its cloud travel - from planning to moving, operating and monitoring the systems in the cloud. We decided to challenge the traditional way we worked with operation and monitoring in all years. Instead of building large operating organizations where manual errors, person dependency and operational incidents are commonplace, we invest time and money in automating all the operations a traditional operating department does over the days to give our customers the most modern and flexible operating service available on the market.


We are not an IT company like everyone else, we work exclusively with the public clouds from Microsoft and AWS and can therefore put all our time and effort into developing our organization, expertise and services to support our customers' cloud journeys.


Today we are nearly 50 employees and are growing rapidly with advisors, cloud architects, cloud consultants, developers and project managers, and we continue to build Asurgent to gain a strong position in the New Comfortable Digital World. A world where the only constant is continued change, in a world where the traditional IT budgets, such as the IT manager or the CIO, are growing modestly, while the IT-related investments taken outside the IT budgets are growing so that it breaks due to the business side which is increasingly being ordered.


It is an exciting time in the IT industry and Cloudsouring's era has just begun.


Stephan Andersson.
CEO Asurgent AB