Cloud Architect

We are looking for cloud architects who with steady rest and courage can go into situations where the customer is stuck in the ground's digital patchwork and needs your expertise to move and build new IT environments in the cloud adapted to today's working methods and business requirements.

You will work side by side with some of the industry's most skilled cloud consultants and in a corporate culture that is characterized by business, teamwork and friendship. You will work with some of Sweden's largest companies and help them in different phases of their cloud travel. Sometimes everything rests on your shoulders when you act as an expert and guides the customer's technical movement and further development of their cloud environment and sometimes you are included as an important team member in a team from us who together create a concrete perceived value with our customers.

We are looking for you that

  • Have experience and digital dirt under the nails from Microsoft and / or AWS cloud services

  • Have long industry experience and seen and done most things with IT environments on the ground

  • Enjoy moving between the conference room's whiteboard where you sketch and present solutions that will put you at the keyboard and build the technical environments

  • Is hungry to constantly learn more and share your knowledge with colleagues

Here's how a regular day can look like

  • You are hired as an expert to one of our customers - often a bigger, sometimes international, company - to help them in any phase of their cloud travel

  • Or you work with colleagues in one of our projects or teams where we migrate or build out customers' cloud environments

  • You follow one of our businessmen / women to a business presentation where you help answer the customer's questions about the cloud's opportunities and risks

  • You present and showcase news and lessons about cloud services for colleagues on our internal Cloud Evolution Fridays or Cloud Evolution Weekends. Otherwise you are of course listening to other colleagues' wisdom.

  • You contribute to the company's development by participating in internal discussions on the further development of our services

  • You mingle at our monthly meetings, AW's and other meetings with colleagues and contribute to a nice atmosphere

Finally; we are looking for people who with competence and self-esteem without blush can quote Red Adair *


"If you think it's expensive to hire a job, wait until you get an amateur."


Is this you? Get in touch with us!

* Red Adair was an American who became legendary when he and his team traveled around the world and extinguished burning oil sources that no one else could control. Situations that required absolute world-class performance and expertise. He became known as a fearless innovator and very competent specialist for very complex and risky assignments. Of course, he was from Texas and of that caliber that made a movie about him with John Wayne starring.