Information to our suppliers

Asurgent AB

Stureplan 2, 3 tr

114 35 Stockholm
Org nr: 559062-5538

To the head of customer account / invoicing manager


We aim to replace as many as possible of today's paper invoices with e-invoices and therefore prefer to receive the invoices from you in the format and order presented below:



For those of you who can send electronic invoices today (eg Svefaktura) we ask you to contact it

e-invoice operator (VAN operator) you hire, and ask them to do the set according to the information below.


GLN code for e-invoices is: 7365590625532

VAN operator: Scan Cloud AB

Questions regarding e-invoices are made to Scancloud, tel: 08-23 23 18



PDF invoice by mail

We welcome PDF invoices. If you can print your invoices as PDF files from your ERP system, send them to the email address An invoice per PDF file.


Paper invoice is sent to the following address:


Asurgent AB

LIN3444 Scan Cloud

831 97 Östersund


It is extremely important that LIN3444 is specified with the exact address in the invoice address (also on the envelope for those who send by mail). Invoices sent to our old address will be returned to you.


Only invoices must be sent to the above address, all other items sent to our regular address:

Asurgent AB

Stureplan 2, 3 tr

114 35 Stockholm


For questions please contact:

Catrin Löfstrand, tel. +46 8 563071 60


With kind regards,

Asurgent AB