Cloud Consulting

Our consultants work exclusively with Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365 and AWS. This means that our consultants are constantly adding to their experience and competency. As we say, they have digital dirt under their nails - for real.

We are not a regular consulting company, but we always strive for you to have access to our overall competence even if you "only" have one of our consultants hired as an expert for a number of months. For example, we offer our customers to come to us on a CloudEvening where we give you information about news, opportunities and hopefully inspiration for your continued cloud travel.

We also have a "Red Adair * guarantee" for our customers that our organization is quickly available if you really need it in an emergency situation. This means that we have a condition in our assignments that we may need to call our consultants at short notice to help you.

Our consultants work with the following areas and technologies:

  • Consulting

  • Program and project management

  • Cloud Architecture

  • Office 365

  • Migrations

  • Database and BI solutions

  • Integrations and backend development

* Red Adair was an American who became legendary when he and his team traveled around the world and extinguished burning oil sources that no one else could control. Situations that required absolute world-class performance and expertise. He became known as a fearless innovator and very competent specialist for very complex and risky assignments. Of course, he was from Texas and of that caliber that made a movie about him with John Wayne starring.