Monitoring and operations as a service for your cloud environment.
With a business model that put you in control.

Then was then...

You may be an experienced buyer of IT operations and in such case have experienced the lock-in effects that a traditional outsourcing agreement entails. A long-standing contract where you as a customer need to guarantee a business volume in advance for several years, where the range of services from your on-premise supplier is relatively static over several years while your business requires more for less. The traditional and prevailing business model for IT outsourcing has existed since 1989 and looks largely the same today as 30 years ago. It is a business model that has passed its best-before-date and that you do not want to retain when you move your company's IT up in the public clouds.

Now is now!

With our CloudSourcing concept you choose the right services for your stage of your cloud journey. From designing a cloud strategy, building a concrete migration plan to the cloud, to partnering with the market's only automated IT-operations service - Asurgents CloudOps.


We work exclusively with Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and AWS and help Swedish and international companies to utilize the cloud services efficiently.

Strategic advice on how the cloud can give you benefits and a concrete value in the business.

A TakeOff report gives you answers to where you should start the transformation, how you should develop your own competence and organization and all the financial decision-making documents.

CloudOps365 is our customization of CloudOps for monitoring and managing your Office 365 / Microsoft 365 environment. 


With our payment model Pay as you go & Stay as long as you like. 

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