The only automated IT-operations service on the market developed for the public clouds. Our system monitors and manages your cloud environment around the clock or just for the hours that you choose. 


With Pay as you go & Stay as long as you like it is the market's most flexible Cloud Operations service. 

With Auto Discovery, our system detects when you make changes in your cloud environment and with Auto Repair, automated measures take place if, for example, your systems goes slow or your systems get a breakdown.


We act as your adviser on a daily basis and our organization is always ready 24/7 if manual action is required.

Pay as you go
Being a customer of Asurgent's CloudOps service is easy. We'll onboard your systems in minutes - actually.

You choose which systems and services you want monitored and just pay per hour for the time you want CloudOps to monitor your IT environment.

Stay as long as you like
Just as fast as we onboard your systems, you can choose to remove one or more systems from the service just as quickly.

Provides optimal flexibility when your needs change over time.

Auto Discovery
Your cloud environment changes over time and you will try new services and keep what works and turn off services you no longer want.


CloudOps AutoDiscovery feature detects changes and automatically monitors new services and features.

Auto Repair
Even in the cloud, incidents occur and inertia in systems arises. CloudOps acts immediately and the entire sequence of events is automatically documented in the ticket handling system.